Workshops are FUN

When you attend a workshop you’ll meet other similar minded photographers and of course the instructors face to face.

Interaction with others adds a lot to the experience and it will change your photography for the better for good.
No online group can offer you any comparable support and feedback.
A workshop will transform your photography and it’s worth more than its value in money.

Check out our upcoming workshops here.

This Is Where It Happens

In the video Matti and Peter will show you the awesome space for the 2022 workshop classes. We will gather in this 1776 vintage building in the heart of Helsinki every morning to review the previous assignment and prepare for the next one.

Photo Gallery Added

Make sure to check out our photo gallery for 2022 workshop.
These are some photos around Helsinki to give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive to Helsinki, if you’ve never been here before.
The gallery is here, please take look.

Personal View Workshop Aug 2022

If you want to become better and develop your own style in photography, then this is for you.
In August 2022 Matti and Peter will guide your photography and creativity to another level in Helsinki Finland.

This is a must for every aspiring beginner or a seasoned photographer and something you simply can’t miss.

A photo workshop to develop personal style.

Helsinki Finland, the most beautiful country in the world.

August 1.- 5. 2022

For more info please check out here